Imagine and Create

We get inspired of all the differences in the world. People, nature and moods.

Our designs reflect our customers fantasies and wishes. Our one of a kind pieces are a part of a journey that takes place inside Emelie´s head in everything she sees and experiencing in life.

How we see it

All of us are our own person and there for also have our own dreams. Our goal is to be a part of that dream. Our on demad pieces should make you feel amazing and lift you confidence to a higher place in you mind. To feel good makes you more daring.

Supreme Blogging

We all a story to tell. This is ours. Follow our exploits to fashion shoots, behind the sceen, videos, thoughts, what inspires us. The story behind every garment we create.

What we stand for

We want to inspire corkyness, strength, badass feelings. Can we inspire one person to go after there dreams or just do something to get closer to it you´ve made our wish come true.

What we do

It’s our job to capture the spirit of our client, to create a unique design. To be one of a kind you just need one thing and that is to be yourself. Your story is our brand.

You are limited edition!

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